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ICS Canada News and Views, Summer, 2011, No 30

Dear Fellow Canadian Churchillians:


New Members

A very warm welcome is extended to the following new members: Kathy Burns; Barry Davenport; Reford MacDougall; Kenneth MacKay & Raymond Simpson.


Past Event

AGM – February 23rd, 2011

Chairman Randy Barber welcomed a new Director, Geoffrey Pollock, and recounted the actions of the Board during the past year. These included a joint project with our friends in The Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy, in making an application to Veterans Affairs Canada for a grant to assist R.H. Thomson in a project of Remembrance, honouring the 68,000 Canadian servicemen and women who died in WW1.


The speaker for the evening was Professor Peter Russell, who spoke on the “First Summit,” in August 1941, off the coast of Newfoundland. Peter explained that at the time Churchill thought the meeting a failure, as President Roosevelt would not commit to the United States entering the War. However it did take that a step further, and it resulted in the Atlantic Charter, which was the forerunner of the United Nations Charter.


Atlantic Charter Anniversary

For the 70 anniversary, the Atlantic Charter Foundation has a special event on August 14th. Details at


Annual Dinner – Thursday May 12th

A flyer was sent out in early in the year advising the speaker being Randolph Churchill, the Man of the 20th Century’s great grandson. Details are also on our web site.

Already a SELL OUT!

Sorry if you were disappointed.


Montreal Dinner – May 13th

The new Chapter in Montreal will also have Mr Churchill as the Speaker at their inaugural dinner. Planning is underway and Montreal area members have been advised. Further details please contact Bruce Kippen. Bruce’s-mail is: [email protected] Tel. 514 933 3575.


Montreal members – we hope you will give this special event your full support, and try and bring someone with you.


Chartwell Bulletin

Is now produced monthly and is downloaded to our web site. The April issue is on the site.


Recruit! Recruit!

Enclosed are two membership brochures.

We are anxious to increase our membership.

As one member said, “I receive a lot of magazines. The one I really look forward to receiving is the Finest Hour.”


You know how much you enjoy being a member and enjoying the privileges, including the magazine. Please think of people you know who you think deserve the opportunity you had and give them a brochure. A membership application can also be downloaded from our web site. Thanks.


Churchill By Himself – Edited by Richard Langworth

For those unable to attend our annual dinner last year to hear Richard Langworth, and purchase his book, there is a paperback edition to be released by Amazon and others on May 24th. Essential reading for all Churchillians.


A few extracts –

1 October 1939: “It may be that great ordeals are coming to us in this Island from the air. We shall do our best to give a good account of ourselves; and we must always remember that the command of the seas will enable us to bring the immense resources of Canada and the New World into play as a decisive ultimate air factor, a factor beyond the reach of what we have to give and take over here.”


30 December 1941 (Ottawa): “Canada is a potent magnet, drawing together those in the new world and in the old whose fortunes are now united in a deadly struggle for life and honour against the common foe. The contribution of Canada to the Imperial war effort, in troops, in ships, in aircraft, in food and in finance, has been magnificent.”


1946: “I write a book the way they built the Canadian Pacific Railway. First I lay the track from coast to coast, and then I put in all the stations.”


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