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Churchill Inspires Young Speakers Youth to Practice Oratory Skills

Editor’s Note: Kieran Wilson is currently the youngest member of The Churchill Centre. Since joining The Churchill Centre and having delivered a birthday toast to Lady Soames at the age of 11, Kieran, now 15, has continued to hone his own oratory skills while mentoring other youth. Kieran is currently in grade 10 at Esquimalt High School in Victoria B.C, Canada and is the new Youth and Education Chair of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island.

By Erin McCracken

OAK BAY NEWS, 7 April 2011 – At 15 years old, Kieran Wilson might be forgiven if he didn’t know who Sir Winston Churchill was.

But he not only knows most everything about the Second World War era British prime minister, he models some of his public-speaking abilities after him. He also hopes to one day enter politics.

“Winston Churchill was definitely one of the great statesmen of the modern age,” the Grade 10 Esquimalt High student said. “I think he’s quite the role model.”

The Fairfield resident believes youth can learn a lot from Churchill. That’s the reason why, at age 11, he joined the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island and continues to be the international group’s youngest member.

His passion for the great orator has prompted him to organise the first Impromptu Speaking Youth Competition on Saturday (April 9) in his role as chair of his society’s youth and education committee.

Teens aged 14 to 17 from all schools were invited to participate, but won’t be required to know about the late Brit. They will, however, be asked to speak for two to three minutes on two impromptu topics related to history, politics and life, looking through “Churchill-tainted glasses,” Wilson said.

While some people’s knees start knocking at the thought of facing an audience, Wilson just laughs. He enjoys it. He believes oratory skills can build confidence in young people.

“They’re going to be leaders of tomorrow and parents of tomorrow. The ability to sway hearts and minds with your mastery of language is necessary for a great leader.”

For more information on the event, please visit the website of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Vancouver Island.

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