May 12, 2010


Houston, Texas, 24 April 2010

Twenty one Churchillians from the greater Houston Texas area gathered at a local Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for the inaugural meeting of the Churchill Centre Houston. Many long time members of the national organization from the Houston area were very glad indeed at the formation of their own local chapter. Mr. Jim Slattery was the master of ceremonies for the evening.

Attendees enjoyed an hour of socializing, meeting new friends and sharing their common interest in Sir Winston S. Churchill and his life. The social hour was followed by a champagne toast offered by Christopher Schaeper to the heroic memory of Sir Winston Churchill. A wonderful seafood dinner followed with great desserts was a highlight of the evening.

Mr. Marcus Frost, a member of the Board of Trustees and the National Chairman of the local chapters coordinators of The Churchill Centre and Churchill Museum was the speaker for the evening. Mr. Frost’s message covered the entire life history and career of Sir Winston. His focus on the war years and Churchill’s many personal relationships with other great figures of Churchill’s time were explored and explained as well as was the period of his greatness as a war and world leader. Mr. Frost told of Churchill’s life as he became much older and described the sadness the world experienced at Churchill’s passing.

The evening was a great success and future plans are being made for the next meeting coming this fall. Mr. Christopher Scheaper and Mr. Jim Slattery of San Antonio are to be commended for all their efforts as they helped tremendously to make this inaugural meeting a huge success.

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