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Stillman Family Foundation Research and Travel Grants

National Churchill Library and Center at The George Washington University

George Washington University is pleased to announce the generous gift of $80,000 to The National Churchill Library and Center at GW Libraries and Academic Innovation from the Harry & Alice Stillman Foundation. This funding will enable and support much-needed research activities focused on topics of relevance to Winston Churchill’s example of global leadership. Preference will be given to projects that emphasize the relevance of Churchill’s leadership to current affairs.

The overall program would be designated as the National Churchill Library and Center Research Fellows Program.  The awardees would be the National Churchill Library and Center Undergraduate/Graduate Research Fellows.

$25,000 will be awarded to GW undergraduate student researchers and faculty who work with them on these topics. This funding will enable faculty-student mentorships to foster further advanced study of Churchill’s leadership and how it applies to the present. Initially, five awards annually will be available

The additional $55,000 will be awarded to graduate students as travel grants. Students pursuing graduate-level studies at the George Washington University, or any other institution of higher education, and interested in doing primary research on the relevant subjects related to Churchill will be eligible to apply for these travel awards. Grants will enable recipients to travel to special collections and archives around the globe in support of their research. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of staff and faculty, who will be offered small honoraria (up to $500 each) for their participation. We anticipate making three cash travel grant awards of $7,500 each per year, and will host annual events that feature the scholars selected for these awards. We will promote these awards externally to attract the most qualified applicants. Initially, six awards annually will be available.”

For more information on eligibility and the application process, please visit the George Washington University website.

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